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George Floyd’s homicide leads to delay in Call of Duty: Season 4

The all-new season of Call of Duty which was all set to launch on June 3 but there is sad news for those who are waiting for it eagerly. Due to the sad demise of George Floyd in the hands of Minneapolis police, the launch is delayed until any further announcement.

However, the trailer has been released and in the trailer, we could witness the return of Captain Price who has an immense fan following. He has been important as well as a character in the story of the game. The trailer also hints towards some other intriguing facts about what the audience should expect in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sequel.

Call of Duty: Season 4 launch date

The fans, after going through the trailer will be more than happy to learn that the most iconic character is heading its way back to the yet to be launched season. However, fans have to wait for the announcement of the new launch date.

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We can also see a tweet attached to the trailer, Activision teased, “The story is far from over” which represents astonishing stuff about the storyline. This also hints towards the Price, who is a playable character as well as the new mission that is all set to rule the hearts of the fans once again. There shall be a plethora of action scenes accompanied by firefights and so on.

From the past seasons, we could easily guess Price would be available for those who buy the premium version which is the same as the Ghost. One can also spot Gaz and other events taking place in the trailer. So, it’s time to hold your breath and wait for the announcement of the launch date which can be expected soon.