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Enjoy the standalone version of Half-Life 2 Jurassic Park mod from now onwards

The initial set up of Half-Life 2 Jurassic Park was set on Jurassic Park’s dinosaur getaway of Isla Nublar but some sources reveal that from now onwards it will be available as the standalone version which will give users a whole new experience. According to a description given by MobDB, the players will no longer need Half-Life for it to be played. All it needs is SOURCE SDK 2013. This is completely free and can be obtained easily on Steam. 

In the training video, we can clearly witness a lot of new stuff including VHS aesthetics and so on. Moreover, there is an introduction to the weapons, dinosaurs, and other characters who will be an important part of the gameplay. 

The most important fact is that the gaming figures are the complete reflection of the characters of the movie. But, the original theme of the game was taken from the book. On the contrary, its set up was inspired by the location of the movies. 

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The player who will lead the game and whose part you will play in the game will be none other than park ranger Robert Muldoon. However, its release is yet not planned because its disclaimer reveals that it is a completely non-profit game.

Also, it is a completely non-commercial game but the game can be explored throughout completely. By the time it will release, the fans may witness some more enhanced features in it. Hopefully, soon users can play it from start till finish and would feature refined and polished gameplay experience. You can expect the game to be released in the latter part of this year.