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Know the beneficial differences of switching to PS5 from PS4

We all know that if you are one of the brilliant gamers of Playstation then we know the PlayStation 4 has done exceptionally well since it came in the market. However, like every device, this gaming console is now upgraded and the upgraded PS5 is all set to boom the gaming market. With the up-gradation, you will see all new gaming consoles with new design and features.

There are new improvements and will let you know what all changes are there on the console. For this, we have put all the specifications on the new PS5 so that the potential buyers get an idea to wait for the console or go with the PS4 the older machine.

PS4 vs PS5: Price

Playstation 4 is only available with 1 TB of storage space and the console cost is $290. On the contrary, you will get a few different bundles of games with 1 TB of storage for $349.

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PS4 vs PS5: Design

The PS4 is the slimmest version that was introduced back in 2016 and it is a shrinking violet in black plastic chassis however the sleek look is not to be seen in PS5 as per the rumors. The Patent designs showcase the console in the V-shape design so that the console keeps cool while you play games for hours. However, it still has the usual disc drive and ports.

PS4 vs PS5: Specifications

The PlayStation 4 runs on 8 crores AMD x86-64 Jaguar CPU, that has a frequency of 1.6 GHz for the basic console and with a 500 GB, 1TB, or 2TB of storage, depending upon the model. On the contrary, you will get a custom AMD Ryzen processor that features 3d audio and 4K video at 120 fps along with 8 K video output. The PS4 used Blue-ray disc drive and PS5 has 4K Compatible blu-ray drive with UHD gaming and multimedia features.

PS4 vs PS5: Controller

The developers of Sony Playstation have been refining the DualShock controller for about five generations by now, so do not expect any major changes to take place. The PS5 controller is estimated to look like a refined version of DualShock. The controller is now wired as it is known to be and will be a microphone as well as improved features and tactile triggers.

PS4 vs PS5 interface

There are many things that are changed in interface designs when moving from PS4 to PS5. You will get a horizontal main bar along with a vertical sub-menu list with PS5. The main difference will you get split apps and games along with separate sections. However, with PS4 you will get a single menu split along with media apps.

PS4 vs PS5: Games

The PS4 can play the best of the games and beyond this with PS5 is almost the same. Almost all the PS4 games will work on the PS5 console and that is a piece of good news for those who are thinking twice to switch to the PS5 console. Moreover, you will get a list of titles like Godfall, Watchdogs: Legion, The elder scrolls VI and many more.

PS4 vs PS5: Special features

The PSVR headset will better work. The new console along with PS4 so there is no reason to stick to the old console if you have a thing for VR fans. There are news versions called PSVR2 however, this will likely work with PS5.

Wrapping up:

So, if you are in desperate need to get a new gaming console then you can wait for its launch, however, if you are prepared to wait for some powerful hardware with a smaller game library then the option to save money is the better option.