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Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions of 2xbitcoincasino apply to the usage of gaming services on our website through whichever platform you choose to play the games be it mobile, web browser, or any other platform. This serves as the general agreement between you and this Bitcoin Casino game providing platform.

You have to abide by these terms and conditions as soon as you register with us or create an account on this platform. If you register with us then it means you have read and reviewed this T&C page. This also means that you agree to all the conditions mentioned here. Therefore, users are suggested to read these terms and conditions carefully before registering or use this website.

The information given here may be amended from time to time therefore you should regularly read and review these conditions. You should also note that certain games available on this website may not be available in certain jurisdictions. The policies can also be changed in regard to the changes in the policies of the parent game providers.


You may participate in games only if you abide by the following:

  • You should be 18 years of age or above. This is the minimum legal age for using the majority of online platforms.
  • A player should be legal in the eyes of law for playing casino games.
  • It will be the sole responsibility of the player to ensure that he in no way is breaching the applicable laws which make him eligible to participate in the games.


  1. In order to be able to use the gaming services of our website, a user should register with 2xbitcoincasino and create a member account.
  2. A single person should not have more than one account. Those who try to create fake or several member accounts should note that we may block or close the account. In this situation, all the bets made by you will be voided. Also, the bonuses, deposits, or returns would be forfeited if you are found to be using additional accounts.
  3. Players are recommended to enter all the required data into the registration form.This may include a valid email address, phone number, and additional information. This is needed for contacting you and to help you in case you forget your password.
  4. We at 2xbitcoincasino hold the rights to cancel, bloc, as well as refuse people to create a new account.
  5. We also do not allow any machines, robots, or programmed devices to participate in the games. If we find anyone violating these rules, then their account is subject to cancellation.
  6. Players are also given the option to set a loss limit on their account and they can set other limits also.
  7. Users may however note that we also provide them with the option to take a break from gambling and playing games. In case you wish to seek any help regarding this, then you should contact us whenever you want.
  8. For the security of the transactions made by the users, we at Bitcoin Casino use the SSL encryption method. This makes sure that the person, as well as financial data shared by players, remains confidential.
  9. Also, note that users need to make the withdrawal from the same method through which they have made the deposit.


  1. In case you do not have sufficient member funds in your Bitcoin casino member account, then you won’t be able to participate in games. Here, virtual currency means Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.
  2. We may or may not credit “bonus” to a player’s account and this bonus amount is determined by us. You may also follow a promotions link to learn more about promotional deals.
  3. If you wish to deposit funds in your Bitcoin casino account, then you may directly do so from your bitcoin wallet.
  4. Since, we are not a financial entity, therefore, you should not treat us as one because we do not offer or provide interest.
  5. The deposited amount may take a certain time to reflect on your account. Once it is available in your account, you can easily make withdrawals.


  1. In case you wish to close your account, you can do so by contacting us. The customer support executive will get in touch with you for the purpose of the account closure process.
  2. Your account shall only be closed after the deduction of applicable withdrawal charges.
  3. You may also have to face account closure in case a particular account has not been logged in or logged out for a period of twelve months.


Your obligations as a Bitcoin casino player are as follows:

  1. That you are of 1 year or above.
  2. You are legally allowed to participate in Bitcoin Casino games.
  3. That you are participating in any games for your personal enjoyment and experience and not for professional reasons.
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not participating in the games on someone else’s behalf.
  5. That all the information shared by you on 2xbitcoincasino is true as well as complete.

By depositing virtual funds in your Bitcoin casino member account, you should note that you are doing it at your own risk.